Ben Affleck Who? Julia Roberts Seemingly Has Not Accepted Zack Snyder’s Batman

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are reuniting for the upcoming new rom-com Ticket to Paradise after appearing together in films such as Ocean's Eleven and Money Monster. She recently revealed that she has a nickname for her co-star and close friend, George Clooney.

George Clooney in Batman and Robin

During an interview with YouTuber Jake's Takes about their upcoming film Ticket to Paradise on Thursday, where Roberts had something to say regarding Clooney's version of Batman suggesting that she might not be much of a fan of Zack Snyder's masked vigilante.

Julia Roberts Doesn't Seem to Be Acknowledging Zack Snyder's Batman

As Julia Roberts and George Clooney discussed their upcoming film, Ticket to Paradise, The Stepmother actress revealed that her contact list has a nickname for George Clooney called Batman Cell.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts

"There isn't a picture, but George is in my phone under the code name 'Batman Cell,'" Julia Roberts joked, adding, "Now I have to change it."

"Now everybody knows," the Descendants star joked, adding, "And mine's Pretty Woman — it's not, but I just tried." I'm telling you the truth."

George Clooney, however, mentioned that he doesn't write Julia Roberts as if his phone gets "picked up" and then "all hell breaks loose".

Many fans are speculating that Julia Roberts was hinting that she prefers Clooney's Gotham's Masked Vigilante more than Ben Affleck's Batman.

How Zack Snyder's Batman is better than George Clooney's Batman?

Most critics do not consider George Clooney to be the best Batman portrayal. The actor, on the other hand, disagrees, albeit in jest. At a particular event, George Clooney declared himself the best Batman, saying that Ben Affleck, who played the iconic superhero in the DC Extended Universe, had "nothing on him."Batman & Robin, starring George Clooney as the caped crusader, was a critical and commercial flop.

Batman & Robin was criticized for its overly campy tone and lack of genre seriousness. George Clooney's performance was also criticized, and his Bat suit, in particular, was scrutinized due to the unusual presence of nipples on it.

On the other hand, Many fans believe Affleck is the best silver screen Dark Knight we have ever seen.

Ben Affleck's Batman is the most physically dangerous live-action version of Batman we've ever seen. The fight scenes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are lifted directly from the wildly popular Arkham games.

Batman is regarded as the world's greatest detective for a reason, and Ben Affleck demonstrates that skill throughout the film. More than any other cinematic incarnation of the character, Ben Affleck's Batman consistently outthinks his adversaries and devises new ways to win.

Many Batman fans love Ben Affleck's Batman, but Julia Roberts still prefers George Clooney's Vigilante over Ben Affleck's.

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