“If Jennifer Aniston Knows How To Use BitTorrent, I’ll Eat My Shoes”: John Mayor’s Insulting Comments On Jennifer Aniston After Dumping Her

Even at the age of 54, Jennifer Aniston is one of the most desirable women and a leading lady in Hollywood. Even though she may be one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces, her love life is frequently in the news. The woman has been labeled as someone who is consistently 'unlucky in love,' despite the fact that she takes great pride in her prior relationships.  

You only need to consider the fallout from her relationship with John Mayer. Although they were only romantically involved for about a year, their high-profile relationship left a long-lasting impression on the public's perception of both of them.

Following their breakup, John Mayer, who is known for always being a ladies' man, made some rude, unflattering, and wholly unnecessary remarks about the Murder Mystery actress.

Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer [Credit: Getty Images]

In addition to publicly disclosing his breakup with the Friends actress, the 45-year-old singer said some extremely contentious things about her in a 2010 interview with Playboy. 

John Mayer's Harsh Comments About His Split From Jennifer Aniston 

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston started dating in 2008, and their relationship has been on and off since then. And this eventually generated a lot of media attention. They did, however, formally split up in August 2008. But they later made amends and went to the Oscars together. However, the former pair broke up once again but opted to remain friendly.

The Morning Show star's relationship with the New Light singer lasted for a year. They were both brutally honest about each other, but their A-list romance quickly soured and the stars broke up shortly after. According to reports, the actress never fully recovered from the heartache she felt after Mayer dumped her as he said she was old and boring.

John Mayer's Harsh Comments About His Split From Jennifer Aniston

In a 2010 interview with Playboy, Mayer made some highly divisive comments about Aniston in addition to admitting that he had broken up with her. He gave the impression that The Break-Up actress—who is eight years older than him—was out of his league. The 45-year-old singer then said:

"I'll always be sorry that it didn't last. In some ways I wish I could be with her. But I can't change the fact that I need to be 32.If Jennifer Aniston knows how to use BitTorrent, I'll eat my f*cking shoe," he later said of their different approaches to technology.

But She Regarded Him as A 'Wonderful Guy'

It was to be expected that Jennifer Aniston would get angry and lash out in some way in response to John Mayer's demoralizing words. But the Friends actress maintained her composure and charm. It almost seems as though she didn't take it seriously and was aware that Mayer needed to express himself in order to process their breakup. 

It just went to show that maturity and experience might be factors in fostering love, respect, and courtesy for ex-partners. We're the Millers' actress responded to a question about the Stop This Train singer's hurtful remarks following their highly publicized breakup. In 2008, she told Vogue:

"He had to put that out there that he broke up with me. And especially because it's me. It's not just some girl he's dating. I get it. We're human."

Jennifer Aniston

In the same interview, Aniston shared her thoughts on their relationship and claimed that nobody was to blame for their breakup.

Therefore, the actress chose to take his comments in stride and move on. The ex-couples now appear to be close friends more than a decade later.

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