DIY Fall Paper Pumpkin Decor

Don’t have money to buy fall decorations? We got you! If you have paper scraps and a tissue roll at home, then you can already make this beautiful DIY fall paper pumpkin decor by Emily Seilhamer.

TikToker shared a video on the platform showing she turned a tissue roll and some paper strips into a beautiful fall decoration.

How to Make DIY Fall Paper Pumpkin Decor

Emily started by cutting 1/3 of a tissue roll for the core of the pumpkin. Next, she pulled out printed papers in the colors of green, yellow, and orange and then cut them into long strips of the same sizes. After that, she cut a yellow colored paper the same size as the 2/3 of the roll and wrapped it around.

She then got one of the strips, added glue to one end, and pressed it halfway through the inside of the roll. Next, she added glue to the other end and pressed it to the inside of the roll through the bottom, making a half-circle shape. Emily repeated the process with the other strips, alternating the colors until it formed into a pumpkin. Some of the strips were overlapped to make the pumpkin look fuller.

To make the base flat, Emily cut a round shape from cardboard and glued it to the bottom. After that, she inserted a small piece of twig into the top.

For finishing touches, she cut a long thin piece of paper and wrapped it around a pen or pencil to make it curly. She made two and glued them to the stem. Now, you have a cute pumpkin made from paper scraps. You can also use a newspaper, just like what she showed in the end part of the video. It’s super easy to make – perfect if you don’t want to spend money on fall decorations.

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