Young Sheldon Season 7 Immediately Walks Back S5's Big Bang Theory Change

A new image from Young Sheldon season 7 reveals that it is immediately walking back on its The Big Bang Theory change introduced in the season 6 finale. CBS' premier comedy is back in production after its mandatory summer hiatus. So while no official marketing material has been released, behind-the-scenes content offers some idea of what to expect from Young Sheldon season 6, including what's next for Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage).

In Young Sheldon season 5, Sheldon was noticeably sidelined for the most part of its run. Instead, the CBS series opted to diversify its storytelling by putting the focus on other members of the Cooper family. It wasn't until the Young Sheldon season 6 finale that Sheldon became the center of its narrative once again as he developed a fear of the future. Sheldon reached out to Missy (Raegan Revord) who helped him be more hopeful about the future. Their conversation led to him deciding to adopt a new aesthetic, ditching his bow and tie combo and sporting his first Flash shirt instead, which was styled the same way he wore them in The Big Bang Theory.

Coming back after the break, this may no longer be the case as a new Young Sheldon season 7 image shows Sheldon wearing his more formal attire again. In the snap, the boy genius joins Mary (Zoe Perry) and Missy as they attend Sunday service in their church. The photograph doesn't reveal any context as to when this is actually happening, but regardless of when this scene actually lands in the timeline, it's interesting that Sheldon would immediately decide to ditch his new wardrobe. It makes the Young Sheldon season 6 finale The Big Bang Theory Easter egg feel like a cheap ploy to reference the geek-centric sitcom. Narratively, it doesn't really make sense that Sheldon's grown-up sartorial choices were born after his conversation with Missy about his fears of the future.

Why Sheldon Is No Longer Wearing His Big Bang Theory Flash T-Shirt

Reinforcing the idea that the Flash shirt in Young Sheldon season 6 finale was nothing more but a cheap way to incorporate The Big Bang Theory in its spin-off storytelling is show producer Steve Molaro's comment regarding it. On the heels of the episode, the series co-writer revealed that "it is not a permanent wardrobe change, but it is an addition to his wardrobe." While there's no issue with Sheldon expanding his wardrobe, his decision to choose something so colorful and even tacky contradicts his whole aesthetic in Young Sheldon which has been more formal and proper. It also doesn't symbolize any other change in his characteristic, so there's really no concrete reason for Sheldon to start wearing logo t-shirts moving forward. If anything, dressing him similarly to Jim Parsons' The Big Bang Theory version of Sheldon would only be a reminder that Young Sheldon's end is somehow pre-determined. 

It's curious if Young Sheldon season 7 will see Sheldon wearing his Flash shirt again. Since The Big Bang Theory spin-off's decision to change up the boy genius' wardrobe doesn't make a lot of sense, they will have to find a way to justify this new look for him. Perhaps he only brings the comic book tees when something specific happens to him. In the meantime, Sheldon will continue sporting his bow and shirt combo moving forward. 

Young Sheldon will return for season 7 on CBS. 

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