"ASTONISHINGLY ABSURD" - Percussionist's Response to LOUIS COLE's Mind-Blowing Drum Solo

This article discusses the reaction of a drummer to a drum solo performed by Louis Cole. The drummer finds the drum solo to be ridiculous and expresses his thoughts and opinions on the performance.

The article begins by introducing the topic of the drum solo performed by Louis Cole. The author, who is a drummer themselves, states that they will be reacting to the solo and giving their honest opinion. They express their enthusiasm for watching drum solos as a way to learn and improve their own drumming skills.

The author then proceeds to describe their initial reaction upon watching Louis Cole's drum solo. They use the word "ridiculous" to capture their astonishment and disbelief at what they are witnessing. The author goes on to explain that this is not necessarily a negative term, but rather a way to emphasize how impressive and unconventional the drum solo is.

The drummer elaborates on their thoughts regarding the various elements of the drum solo. They highlight Cole's use of different rhythms and techniques, stating that they have never seen anyone play in such a unique and unconventional way. The author also praises Cole's impressive speed and precision, describing it as mind-blowing.

While the drummer acknowledges the technical skill demonstrated by Cole, they also express their confusion and amusement at some of the unconventional choices made during the drum solo. They specifically mention the use of kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans, as part of the drum kit. The author finds this choice to be both humorous and perplexing, but ultimately admires the creativity behind it.

Throughout the article, the drummer emphasizes their appreciation for the overall performance and adds that they have gained inspiration from watching Cole's drum solo. They acknowledge that drumming is an art form that allows for individual expression and experimentation.

In conclusion, the article summarizes the drummer's reaction to Louis Cole's drum solo as "just ridiculous," highlighting the awe and amazement they experienced while watching the performance. The author expresses their admiration for the technical skill and creativity demonstrated by Cole, but also acknowledges their amusement and confusion at some of the unconventional choices made during the solo. Overall, the article emphasizes the impact and inspiration that watching such performances can have on drummers and musicians.

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