Kaley Cuoco’s New Movie Can Finish Penny’s Final Big Bang Theory Story

Kaley Cuoco's newest film can give her the chance to fully play out Penny's final The Big Bang Theory arc. It has been more than three years since the geek-centric sitcom wrapped up its run. Since then, the main cast members have gone on and ventured out of the sitcom landscape. That includes Cuoco who has starred and produced the critically-acclaimed The Flight Attendant — an HBO Max dark comedy that cannot be farther from her old stint. Besides that, the actress is also making a couple of big screen projects. 

With The Flight Attendant season 2 now done, Cuoco has moved on to focus on other projects. Following a string of small screen endeavors, is also actively establishing herself as a movie actress. She is currently working on Role Play, a thriller film directed by Thomas Vincent and produced by Kaley Cuoco's own production comapnt, Yes, Norman Productions. Cuoco will star in the picture opposite David Oyelowo. The pair will play a married couple and will encounter a mysterious stranger, played Billy Bob Thornton, who wreaks havoc in their relationship. Role Play is also nothing like The Big Bang Theory, but it can fulfill something that the sitcom wasn't able to do.

The Big Bang Theory ended with Penny pregnant, but in Role Play Cuoco will play a mother for the first time on film. It's worth remembering that after stagnating the Hofstadters' The Big Bang Theory arc since their wedding, CBS introduced a conflict between the pair in the show's final season. After being together for so many years, they discovered that they had conflicting views about having kids. Penny didn't want to have them because she was afraid that it would derail her career path and change her dynamic with her husband. Leonard (Johnny Galecki), on the other hand, wanted to grow a family with her from the moment they met. Ultimately, Leonard got his way with a last-minute revelation that they got pregnant by accident. However, since this was already at the tail end of the show, The Big Bang Theory never got the chance to show how Penny would be as a mother. Now, Role Play can give a sense of what that might look like. 

How Penny Could Have Been As A Mother In The Big Bang Theory

Sadly, The Big Bang Theory didn't properly tackle Penny's pregnancy dilemma. Instead, the sitcom magically resolved her and Leonard's issue as if it was no big deal. While Penny looked happy about being pregnant, it's possible that once the dust settled, she realized that it still wasn't something that she wanted. Meanwhile, Leonard could be oblivious to all of this, resulting in more marital problems for them down the road. In the event, however, that having kids is something that Penny eventually likes, her relationship with Sheldon (Jim Parson) can serve as a good indication of how she might be as a mom. The socially-inept genius was essentially the Hofstadters' quasi-son for years. Both were patient with his quirks, but Penny was best at handling Sheldon at his worst. Cuoco's Penny knew how to be stern but loving at the same time to him, which could very well be how she would also be as a mother. 

While The Big Bang Theory has already ended, CBS can still give an update on how the Hofstadters are doing after the sitcom. The network could use Sheldon's narration in Young Sheldon to share information about Penny, Leonard, and their child in the same way it has used it to reveal details about Sheldon's family life with Amy (Mayim Bialik). Aside from that, however, Cuoco's stint in Role Play could be the closest thing to visualizing how Penny could have been as a mom to her and her husband's child.

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