“I didn’t even get a call”: Jennifer Aniston Desperate to Salvage Acting Career With The White Lotus After Murder Mystery 2 Failed to Impress Fans

Jenifer Aniston has become a beloved actress over the years. She is popularly known for her character as Rachel Green in the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She has a very impressive resume when it comes to comedy and romance movies. Recently, she starred alongside Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery 2. The reactions to the film are already out and looks like it didn't live up to the critics' expectations.

Just like how every coin has two sides, some fans of the film considered it to be a laughter treat. But according to critics, it was just another mediocre film and a waste of a talented cast. Well, after getting mixed reactions from the audience, looks like Aniston has already decided on the series she will star in next.

Jennifer Aniston Shows Interest In Joining The White Lotus

Who doesn't like to be a part of a successful comedy series right? The White Lotus is considered one of the popular HBO series which has gotten immense love since its debut. Initially, season one had a star-studded cast that included Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, Sydney Sweeney, Theo James, Lukas Gage, Alexandra Daddario, and others. The series bagged five awards at the 2022 Primetime Emmys and was nominated across 9 categories. It was also renewed for season 2 which released in October 2022.

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Recently, Jennifer Aniston sat down with E! News' Keltie Knight, where she expressed her interest to be in The White Lotus series. She claimed that she is "obsessed" with it. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S alum even gave a shout-out to the maker to consider her in the next season. She said, "did you hear it, Mike White?." Aniston was also fangirling over her name twin Jennifer Coolidge, who has become a fan favorite after two seasons.

The Rumor Has It actress is looking forward to reuniting with her The Good Girl co-star Mike White. Even after pitching herself to the maker, she revealed that she hasn't received any call about it yet.

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Jennifer Aniston as Jennifer Coolidge's Sister in The White Lotus 3?

Season 2 of The White Lotus didn't end well for Jennifer Coolidge's character, Tanya McQuoid. She dies in season 2, which fans didn't hope for as she was one of the most entertaining characters in the series. In season 2, she hits her head and falls off a yacht in the process of escaping. But it's hard for fans to believe her character is dead. Coolidge had a hard time convincing people that her character is not coming back.

"There's all kinds of reactions to it. There was actually more than two people who thought it was like some sort of dream. They thought it was a dream even though I was in a body bag. They somehow thought it was all in Tanya's head or whatever. They didn't get that I was dead dead, forever. Dead in every sense."

Who is going to avenge Tanya McQuoid's death? Maybe Jennifer Aniston as Tanya's sister in season 3? it might be a possibility after Jennifer Aniston has shown her obsession with the show. The White Lotus has already been renewed for season 3.

The White Lotus is now streaming on Hulu and HBO Max

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Source: E! News

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