Jennifer Aniston Recalls Kissing Her Co-star For the First Time Who Had a Huge Crush On Her

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were part of the popular American sitcom FRIENDS. With its humorous storylines, and relatable characters, the show was popular among viewers of different age groups. FRIENDS is a story of six highly relatable characters, featuring relevant issues, and eventually established itself as one of the greatest sitcoms ever created.

Moreover, the fans loved the chemistry between the characters, especially that of Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer, who played the role of Rachel Green and Ross Geller in the show. Their on-screen chemistry was one of the key highlights of the show, as they were romantic partners on-screen. The actress recalled their popular kissing scene with her co-star, which she apparently enjoyed a lot.

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Jennifer Aniston Recalls Kissing Her Co-Star

Recently, the Murder Mystery actress was present on Live Kelly and Ryan, where she talked about how she crushed hard on David Schwimmer. The hosts of the show asked how she dealt with her feelings for her co-star while shooting for the show. Aniston acknowledged that her romantic feelings for David Schwimmer immensely helped her in playing the love interest of the actor in the show.

She explained that "they just let it play on TV," and upon asking if their first kiss was with the Madagascar actor on camera, she answered with a "yes, it was quite enjoyable actually."

Later, in the same show, Jennifer Aniston talked about being on the FRIENDS reunion, which was overwhelming for her, calling it a "sucker punch." As none of the cast members were ready to feel the "intense" emotions full of melancholy.

"It was a sucker punch.No one really expected what we were gonna feel. Because in your mind you're like, Ooh, time travel! That sounds really cool! And then you're there and you're like, Oh, that's really intense — because so much has happened since."

While their emotions played a major role in making Rachel Green and Ross Geller an iconic couple,  it also became a key highlight in the 10 seasons of the show. But the actors never dated each other.

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Rachel Green and Ross Geller's On-point Chemistry

While the actors are close friends off-screen, their on-screen chemistry as Rachel Green and Ross Geller was unmatched by other on-screen couples. Throughout the 10 seasons of the show, the characters had a complicated and turbulent relationship, that featured numerous breakups and makeups.

Their on-screen relationship began in the first season of the show, when Ross Geller confessed his feelings to Rachel Green, though they dated only for a short span. And while they broke up and dated numerous other people throughout the show, their emotions for each other were always present. While the two characters got back together in the finale of the fourth season, their relationship was again short-lived because the couple wanted different things for themselves. 

Ross Geller and Rachel Green have given the viewers a lot of memorable moments from the show, one of the most hilarious moments being from The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break episode. In the episode, Ross Geller slept with another woman, and when Rachel Green asked why he did that, he screamed "We were on a break!" and then they had a massive argument.

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FRIENDS can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: Live with Kelly and Ryan

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