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Girl's Singing Puppets Hilariously Snub Her In Show-Stopping AGT Finale

America first fell in love with Darci Lynne a few months back. She walked out on stage and giggled from nerves, but those soon fell away when her bunny Petunia began to sing.

Ever since then, she's amazed us time and time again with heart-melting and charming performances that provoke cheers and full-belly laughs. But during last night's finals for "America's Got Talent," the 12-year-old ventriloquist showed everyone what she was truly made of.

Typically, Darci performs with a single puppet, but on Part One of the two-part final, she came out with Oscar  Petunia.

Oscar was noticeably nervous, dealing with a bit stage fright, even fainting on Darci’s shoulder — twice…

But after they pull themselves together, Darci encounter's another problem… who's going to sing? Surely, she can't sing for puppets, right?

That's where we underestimated the little comedian/songstress. Darci points out that  both Oscar and Petunia are brilliant singers, which means they should call on some of the greatest duets of all time: "Laurel and Hardy, Hall and Oates — Simon and Mel B?" Petunia interjects.

They eventually agree on "With A Little Help From My Friends," and the bunny is quick to point out, "That's funny, a mouse and a bunny sing a song written by two Beatles."

But when Oscar starts soulfully crooning followed by Petunia's perfectly pitched high notes, it's clear that Darci can do just about anything.

After the roaring standing ovation settled, Simon said that he thought Darci was going to take home the win. What do you think of Darci's performance and ventriloquist skills? Do you think she deserves to win? Please share her incredible talent to more friends!

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