Jennifer Aniston Unapologetically Supports Amber Heard And Angelina Jolie’s Hater

We all know Jennifer Aniston doesn't know how to fake it and she likes to keep things real in her life. Recently, her one activity was observed on Instagram which made it very clear that the Murder Mystery actress isn't a big supporter of Megan Markle, Angelina Jolie, and Amber Heard.

Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of Universal Pictures Wanderlust hJennifer Aniston attends the premiere of Universal Pictures WanderlustAlthough the 54-year-old actress has never said anything that can prove she is averse to these actresses, her Instagram has a different story.

Jennifer Aniston follows an account on Instagram that is averse to these actresses

Netflix's Dumplin premiere attended by Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston took the internet by surprise when she was seen following an account name @obviousbutamazing2. As per the bio of this account holder, the person is a writer and her name is Julie. The Break-up actress began following this account, and most of her posts are aimed at Amber Heard, Jolie, and Meghan Markle. This Instagram account posts constant negative remarks about Jolie, Heard, and Markle. Some of her remarks are even racist and abusive.

Even though Aniston's move made many people upset and she received a backlash over it, that actress seems to be okay with it. She has turned a deaf ear to everyone and continues to follow the page that hates on these actresses.

The FRIENDS actress didn't hit the like button on a post featuring Megan Markle

Jennifer Aniston attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards

The Just Go With It actress recently started following Mandana Dayani, who was previously working for Prince Harry and Markle's Archwell Foundation. Dayani was the former president of the Archwell Foundation. Aniston always likes Dayani's photos, but she didn't like the post that featured Markle. Markle expressed her support for Iranian women in the post. Netizens speculated that Murder Mystery 2 star is not in support of Prince Harry and Markle stepping down from their royal duties.

Jennifer Aniston is team Johnny Depp

Jennifer Aniston attends the Montecito Awards

Hollywood witnessed one of the biggest court battles between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard last year. Like many of the celebrities were team Johnny Depp, Aniston also came in support towards the Pirates actor after she started following him on Instagram. The We're the Millers actress started following Depp right after he won the lawsuit against Heard. People online couldn't hold back and called Aniston a narcissist. Many said she has a cold war going on with these actresses and doesn't like them much.

Murder Mystery 2, starring Aniston and Adam Sandler, was released on March 31, 2023. The film is now available on Netflix. The ongoing feud between Aniston and Netizens does not appear to be affecting the actress's film, which is doing well and drawing a large audience. Netflix revealed that the film was watched by 30.9 million subscribers in the first 72 hours, making it the company's biggest opening weekend ever.

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