Jennifer Aniston Has A 'Disheartening' News About Her $268 Million Hit Movie

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are in rounds to promote their sequel to the movie Murder Mystery. The movie bearing the same name as its prequel is set to release on the 31st of March. And since sequels are all the hype in Hollywood following Top Gun: Maverick's box office success. People could not help but enquire about the $268 million movie Aniston starred in, back in 2013.

Since the pandemic hit and the general public got time to catch up with the cinema they missed in real-time, all the audience wanted to watch were the prequels, sequels, or remakes of it. And Hollywood did not disappoint, but in the process of doing so many scripts of many cult classics got eliminated, or maybe the cast could not end up being together after all these years. Ultimately, the fans were not delivered what they asked for, We're The Millers is such a case. Therefore, Jennifer Aniston cleared the air once and for all the disheartened fans out there.

Jennifer Aniston

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Why weren't there any sequels to We're The Millers? 

During a promotional interview with Yahoo! Entertainment recently, Jennifer Aniston was asked about her 2013 box office hit We're The Millers and all the other sequels that were in talks but did not end up happening. The FRIENDS star recalled,

"Yes, We're The Millers,–There was talk about that. But that one didn't happen."

The actress "couldn't remember" as to why it failed to go under production but she distinctly remembers discussing the film's second part. Although the film was a super hit and loved by millions, the critics only "okay" -ed the film upon its release. But then fans speculated the team did not any further with their idea since Adam Sztykiel, the scriptwriter for the movie wasn't available. It was then revealed that Sztykiel was hired to write the script for Black Adam at the same time around.

Jennifer Aniston in "We're the Millers"

However, despite all these a movie was planned to come out the following year but never did due to various unknown reasons. It is still not known for sure if they will ever continue with We're the Millers.

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Jennifer Aniston will never do a Leprechaun sequel

In the same interview, Aniston expressed her feelings toward a particular film series. She then made herself very clear about the intentions she has with that film. This was her debut film, and FRIENDS was not the phenomenon it is now, it had not even been premiered. It was before Jennifer Aniston was the Jennifer Aniston. She said,

"I had had it with leprechauns," 

Jennifer Aniston in her debut film

The actress then further added jokingly,

"That was enough luck for me."

Leprechaun is a string of horror movies, many people have come to love post-pandemic and is now a certified guilty pleasure watch by many. But the fans are now pretty disheartened to learn that they will not be able to hear Aniston's Leprechaun accent ever again.

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