Halloween In A Jar: 30+ Spooky Fun Jar Crafts

Get in the mood for Halloween with DIY Halloween in a jar ideas! Includes specimen jars, centerpieces, lanterns and holiday scenes in mason jars.

Jars, especially , are great for crafting and are inexpensive (or free if you upcycle). They can be used as vases, storage, , and lights.

Today I’d like to inspire you to use jars and bottles in your Halloween crafting this year. It is easy to do and there are so many fun ideas to try out!

Where can you get jars for crafting?

Make sure to prep your jars before you begin.

Even if you are working with new jars, you should always make sure to clean the jar and lid prior to starting your craft. This means you’ll need to remove any labels and residue left behind. Then wipe the jar down with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust or grime from the glass.

Now you’ll be ready to start your Halloween crafting! I’ve gathered some spooky fun ideas for you to try out. The first section below has Halloween scenes in a jar. You can create a diorama idea, or keep it simple with just a few items in the jar.

Then I’ve included ways to light up your Halloween using lanterns, luminaries and other lights. The third section has ways to decorate using your jars and bottles.

Go ahead, scroll down to get the best ideas for Halloween in a jar this year…

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