Jim Parsons Slips Back Into TBBT Character In Young Sheldon BTS Video

A brand-new Young Sheldon season 6 behind-the-scenes video reveals Jim Parsons slipping into The Big Bang Theory character so easily even after almost four years since the nerd-centric sitcom ended. Despite its continued popularity, The Big Bang Theory wrapped up in 2019 primarily because of Parsons' decision to exit the sitcom. The actor thought that it was about time he moved on and ventured out with his career. That being said, he remained tied to the franchise by not only producing Young Sheldon, but also providing the narration in it.

Parsons was so good at playing Sheldon that he became the unofficial The Big Bang Theory lead.

After more than a decade of bringing the character to life, it became almost second nature to Parsons. He easily slips into TBBT character as seen in a new Young Sheldon behind-the-scenes video from producer Ansley Rix. The clip offers a look at how the prequel's adult Sheldon narration is being recorded. While the job only needs Parsons' voice, it is noticeable how his whole demeanor changes when he starts delivering his lines. It's almost as if he's reprising Sheldon in front of the camera.

Can Jim Parsons' Sheldon Physically Appear On Young Sheldon?

The idea for Young Sheldon stemmed from a different project that Parsons and his production company were pursuing at that point. He believed in the premise for the prequel that he was willing to be involved in it. So while it has been some time since The Big Bang Theory ended, Parsons continues to perform as Sheldon. As great as Iain Armitage is as his younger version, hearing Parsons' voice over every episode of Young Sheldon establishes a stronger connection with its parent series. But, it's curious if there will ever be a time when he can also physically appear in the prequel.

CBS has come up with a creative way to do this through the one-time Young Sheldon/TBBT crossover special. It isn't outside the realm of possibility that they come up with another idea to have Parsons physically appear in the spin-off. Perhaps, young Sheldon imagines what he might look like when he grows up, and for some reason, he's able to accurately predict his future appearance. Otherwise, it could also be through a dream or vision. While Young Sheldon is rooted in reality, CBS doesn't shy away from using these storytelling tricks to make it more interesting.

For now, however, Young Sheldon only features Parsons' voice, although even that may be slowly fading out as well. His signature narration has been absent in a handful of episodes, including the Young Sheldon season 6 winter premiere. Regardless, seeing Parsons record his voice overs for the show suggests that if ever he needs to reprise his The Big Bang Theory character, it will fairly be easy for him to slip back into Sheldon's shoes.

Source: Ansley Rix/TikTok

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